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Corporate Relations Initiative

The Corporate Relations Committee is a group of students within the Red & White Student Organization that work to build and promote relationships between a variety of companies and the student body through on-campus programs, company site visits, and campus tours to corporate representatives. The purpose of these programs is to increase student awareness of companies, broaden their corporate experiences as an undergraduate, and to allow Alumni working in industry to reconnect with the Institute and its students. 

How We Can Help You

Within the Red & White Student Organization, the Corporate Relations Committee focuses on initiating and developing the student-alumni connection between alumni in specific industries and the great students at Rensselaer. We aim to bridge the formal interface of recruiter-to-student through events designed to grow and enhance the Rensselaer network for alumni and students. This focus allows alumni the opportunity to reconnect with campus while also engaging with students who are interested in their industries.

Program ideas for your company


The Courses with Alumni dinners serve to match-up Red & White members and
RPI alumni who share professional interests so they may discuss those interests in an informal environment. It is the hope that, through this discussion, the students will be able to gain a better understanding of the career paths they are currently interested in, and the alumni will have an opportunity, if they wish, to recruit some of the school's most motivated, involved, and successful student leaders.


Red & White members are available for one-on-one small group tours of campus. This is a unique opportunity to see the campus while having casual conversation along the way. We also work to match the interest of the requestor of the tour to a Red & White member to provide an even more unique experience.


A rare and unique opportunity for Rensselaer student to shadow an alumnus/a of your corporation for a daylong experience to gain insight and knowledge. The opportunity allow employers to recruit, to showcase their industry, and to obtain research knowledge from the individual students.


Be a part of our unique and award winning program, Alum101. Alum101 is a series of programs throughout your junior and senior year that helps to guide students through the transition from students to alumni. Some of the programs include Culinary Engineering, budge management, LinkedIn courses, credit workshops and career related advice.


Working together we can use our connections to collaborate on a program that will showcase your company to the entire Rensselaer campus. We can assist in planning, promoting and participating in any type of speaker program such as a panel discussion or a keynote speaker.


We can help to build awareness and facilitate interaction even before you come on campus. We are happy to notify students of what your company is about, what you are looking for and simply build the excitement of what you have to offer!


Our connections to the Rensselaer student are unique and we are able to use our everyday knowledge and experience to help showcase research projects, innovations and breakthroughs from our own peers. If it is simply along a tour route, or you interest is meeting and greeting these individuals, we can help!


The organization is experienced in event planning, including the logistics and marketing of a program. Who better to assist in planning a program for students than the students themselves? We can use our outlets and resources to provide support.


The membership of our organization is very connected to all aspects of the campus, from the academic side to the extracurricular side. If you are looking for ways to connect with students, through presentations, lunches, dinners or simply a casual conversation, we are able to use these connections to fulfill that request.


Trane Networking Event

To register for the Trane Networking event, click here.


For more information, contact the Corporate Relations Executive Director, Connor Hart.

How exactly can we help?

· Organize meet-and-greet networking events

· Provide enhanced opportunities for alumni-student connections

· Help brand your organization on campus

· Give insight to Rensselaer culture through tours and events